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What's all this about then?

Slash Dot Dash is about one man's view of life. Whether it's Cars that make you happy, or Banks that make you scream, kids that make you laugh or Old Codgers that make you groan, it's about life.

Wysi Sleeping

It's about random stuff I put on when I feel the need to comment, especially when there is so much that causes grief to the ordinary man in the street. But then there are times that stuff happens to make me laugh, or smile, and that can appear too, if it brings a bit of joy into the world.


It's a site for normal people. It's about normal people's normal thoughts. It's a site where I say what I think, and what I feel, and what affects me in this ever changing, evolving world that we live in.
It's a site where I can look at the stupidity of the world, and situations, and things that I don't think are right, and things that I do.
It's a site where I can make my own observations on what people see and do, and the delicious irony of situations that arise every day.
It's a site where I can laugh at myself as much as the next man, and the stupid things that I've done and said myself.
It's a site where I can laugh at the next man, and the things he does, or says, that make me laugh and make the world a better place to be in.
It's also a site about us, and the things we like and do. It's where you can make up your own mind about what you see and read, and whether or not you like it, it's all about one bloke's opinions.

Welcome to Slash Dot Dash. /.-

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