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RAC 2009 - Oliver's Mount, Harwood and Langdale

Day 2 was Oliver's Mount and so the tarmac tyres were the order of the day - well at least until the forest Stages later that evening.

Photograph: Ants Wakefield

37 Ants 1

As the Rally progressed, everybody started to get into their stride, and we could tell by Tony and Peter's faces when they returned to service just what sort of day they'd had. The smiles started to appear more regularly, they started to relax a little more and the feeling in the team was very optimistic about the chances of a finish.

Photograph: Ants Wakefield

37 Ants 3



There was one slight worry when the crew reported back that they had a misfire at Oliver's Mount - nothing that had occurred before and a potentially time-sapping problem. Surprisingly, we even had a phone call from some friends that were watching the Stage alerting us to the problem for the Service halt.

Photograph: Ants Wakefield

37 Ants 2

Last stage before Service was back up to Fylingdales for Langdale 2 and the HSR was really back on song - the mysterious misfire had fixed itself and the engine was pulling strongly. Tony and Pete were really happy with the car and commented that the Chevette was handling and stopping superbly.

By the time the car arrived at service we had come to the conclusion that the misfire was probably caused by nothing more than the slow crawl up to the start amongst all the spectator cars and traffic.

Safe in the knowledge that the misfire was unlikely to return, we set off for Kielder with excitement and anticipation...

more later.....

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