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Kane's of Comber

Mr Cinq was made in 1996 and first registered in Northern Ireland. He belonged to a great friend of mine who was very happy with him for a year or so until he traded him in for a Fiat Punto. It was around that time that I'd had a very bad accident in my original Cinq which resulted in the car and I ending up literally 'in a tree' - not the best thing to do at 5am on a cold October morning.
Luckily I escaped unscathed although the same couldn't be said of the Cinq - and unfortunately that was the end of him.

The obvious next step was to find out where Mr Cinq was, and as luck would have it he hadn't been sold so a quick trip to Kane's of Comber in Northern Ireland and the deal was struck - I was really pleased to be getting a car with a known history and at a very good price too. The first thing I did was to make him exactly like the original car that went up the tree - complete with number plate, alarm and roof spoiler. I ran Mr Cinq until October 2000 when Mr mini failed his MOT, and so I lent him to my Son for a year, who then subsequently bought him.

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