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The early Japanese influences

I suppose the first time I really started to think about the Japanese car was in Fore Street, City of London a few years ago. There was a fabulous looking bright yellow car parked outside and I just had to look at it, photograph it, wonder what it was.

S15 yellow 1

It's fair to say that in those days I wasn't really that familiar with the myriad of different Japanese cars, they were all rather similar to my eye, and there wasn't enough to make any one particular car stand out. But this one - what a beautiful car, what fabulous lines, and what presence at it sat by the kerb.


It was quite funny as, after I got back to work, I called my son and tried to describe it to him - especially as he was asking all sorts of questions that I had no idea about. Suffice to say, eventually he worked it out from my very second-hand description and not particularly brilliant memory. It was probably the problem I had in describing it that made me go and take these photographs, just so I could confirm his diagnosis.

S15 yellow side

I think it's fair to say that the S15 is still one of the beautiful cars I would own if I had the chance. There's something about them that just appeals to me, and the yellow one is the one that started it all off that day in London...

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