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Mr Sylva

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Mr Sylva is my favourite car. He may be a little battle-scarred, and he may well have a good few chips and war wounds, but he is still the best car I have.

Mr Sylva was one of those rare surprises that happen only once in a Blue Moon. It happened when I received a phone call from a guy named Tony who said 'I understand you're buying my car'. That was news to me, especially as I didn't have any money to spend on a car and didn't even know who he was or what he was talking about!


Tony who?

It turned out he'd been speaking with a couple of friends of mine, who'd decided that I had been out of motorsport for too long and so it was time I got back into it. They'd taken it upon themselves to organise me a car, and not only that but tell the bloke who was selling it that I was going to buy it and gave him my number! Amazing! I told him I couldn't possibly afford it and I would come down 'for a look only' but i wouldn't be buying it. Yeah right. One drive and I was hooked. Plastic cars and standard engines will always be so much quicker than anything you would normally drive. I was hooked alright. And so it was that only a week later I was collecting it and driving it back home.

Mr Sylva first photo

More to come...

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