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The tease...

It's fair to say that I never really intended to buy Julio. I saw him on eBay back in 2003 or so and was very intrigued as it was the first High-boost Turbo Cinquecento I'd seen for sale.
The price was a bit more than I would have considered paying, really, but my friend Neil was very persistent and kept on saying 'You know you want to buy that Cinq'.
There was a little part of me that did, but then there was a sensible head that said I didn't really need another car.

Julio advert

But then the old Mercedes that I was running around in was getting long in the tooth, and the exhaust was going and they were a huge amount to replace, and this little voice in my head said that a Turbo Cinq that looked pretty standard was a great toy for a bloke who likes cars anyway.

To be honest the picture in the ebay advert didn't make him look like anything particularly special, and that suited me even more. The last thing I wanted was some really extrovert looking attention grabbing car that would scream boy racer, and Julio was subtle enough to fit in with my wishes. I suppose it was inevitable, particularly when I looked at the specification and mileage.

Now I must admit there were one or two things in the picture that didn't tie in with the spec, so I wanted to have a look at it before buying, but he was everything that he was supposed to be and so the purchase was made.


Very happy

To be honest, the bloke that was selling him, Adrian, was a really nice guy and only selling because he now had a company car and just too many motors. (Personally, I think you can never have too many motors) and so Julio had to go.
When we went out for the test drive it was very clear from the start that this was a very different Cinq from the ones I'd had before - much more flexible and easy to drive, and plenty of power for what we wanted.
We were three up and Adrian went for a quite long drive that took in a number of long hills and some fast curves and the wee car took everything in its stride, purring along quite happily without fuss.

We noticed that he had window deflectors on and they made a surprising difference with the windows open just a bit, no draughts at all but I suspected they wouldn't stay forever.

We brought him home and arranged for him to have an alarm fitted, and that would see him all set for the immediate future.

Julio AJs

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