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Civil Service pensions and the total unfairness of it all.

Like me, I'm sure you'd love to retire at 60. I'd like to have my pension nice and early so I could do all the things I've promised myself for many years, while I'm still active enough to be able to do them, and enjoy myself while I'm at it.
I'd like to have a pretty good pension too, preferably index-linked, so I never found myself in the position of not having quite enough money to do all those things.

Like the Civil Servants, who've voted to do so. I think it's absolutely brilliant that they can vote for themselves to retire at such an early age and have plenty of protected pensions to enjoy life with. I would love to have the ability to decide exactly what Pension I would be getting, and when, and then just have it approved by the Government without any problem whatsoever.

Unfortunately, the rest of us have to carry on working until we're much older - 65 at least, many to 68 and the rest until they drop.

The Government says they cannot change it. What? Because Government is run by Civil Servants, that's why. And they don't want anyone upsetting their lovely little pension arrangements. Forgive me if I'm sick. Because that is what it makes me and the majority of the country. Talk about jobs for the boys and looking after your own. While the Government is busy making Laws up to 'protect us from ourselves', the Civil Servants are all counting their money. Makes you sick alright. Time to break out the big guns...

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