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So who started all this?

The bloody banks that's who. With all their dodgy dealings and selling and reselling loans and speculating, all the time hoping that nobody would notice and the Status Quo would help them keep their profits while we paid for it.

So the rest of us are the ones who are in trouble now - the recession, lots of people losing their jobs and struggling to make ends meet, millions wiped off savings accounts and people's pensions worth much less than they ever were.

And then the poor old Bankers start crying about how important they are to the economy, and how it would all collapse if they weren't there - what a load of old tosh. The Governments bail them out on the specific proviso that they start lending money to the people that need it - so they can kick-start the economy a bit, and what do the Banks do? Keep the bloody lot, basically, and next thing they're talking about paying bonuses to staff 'because they are working very hard in a difficult time'. What?! Forgive me and my total and utter contempt for them but what about the poor sods who don't have a job now? What about the people who aren't getting a decent pension because of the sheer greed of the Banks? What about the companies going bust because they can't get the overdrafts they desperately need to tide them through 'these difficult times'? What about the poor b*****ds who are working their backsides off and only just scraping a living? Shouldn't they be the ones who are rewarded?

Apparently not. Nothing's changed. It's just the same now as it's always been - the money men control it all and nobody seems able to do anything about it.


What about the Government?

Oh yes, forgot about them. Weren't they the 'Governing body' who said we'd lend you the money to get you out of the s-h-one provided you start lending money to the needy ones? Like the small businesses struggling to ride it out?
Yes that's the Government I was thinking of.
Oh. Aren't they doing that then?
Er, no.
I thought the Government had procedures in place to avoid such a situation? You know, penalties and stuff?
Ah. You must be assuming a level of fairness and equity exists in Government and big business, foolish boy.

Of course. Silly me. What was I thinking?

Somehow I must have misinterpreted all those thousands of new pieces of legislation that have been hoisted on us over the past thirteen years as being of some value to the community at large.

Pass me the gun, George, I'd like to play Russian Roulette.
No, don't take any of the bullets out, I'll take my chances with all six. After all, I've got a better chance of survival than if I trust the bloody banks....

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