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Insurance Companies?

Don't even get me started on Insurance Companies....

If there is one branch of the Financial industry that is guaranteed to get to me, it's the insurance companies. The industry is absolutely huge, and accounts for an incredible proportion of the income of the average family, and yet as an industry it seems to always do its very best to get out of paying in any way that it can.

It's not only my own experience that brings me to this conclusion either, as I have seen first-hand and heard of many cases where normal people with perfectly legitimate claims have had them turned down because of the 'small print'. And in most cases the 'small print' is so obscure and ambiguous that it can be taken both ways and yet because it is the insurance industry that decides on the outcome it always finds in its own favour

To be honest I'm not surprised when people make claims beyond what happened. From my own experience with insurance companies, they always, without fail, try to wriggle out of paying what they should. I don't think I've ever heard of anyone who had a valid claim that wasn't somehow reduced because of some clause that had been put in to try and keep their payouts down.



Last time I wanted travel insurance, the company I approached asked me if I'd ever been in hospital. I asked for how long back, and they said 'ever'.
So I explained I'd been in hospital when I was born, and that I'd had a bike accident when I was 18 that resulted in a collapsed lung.

'Ah' they said - 'so you have a history of chest problems?' - 'No, I just had a motor accident that caused me to have a collapsed lung' - but no matter what I said to them, they were insistent that any problems whatsoever to do with my chest, breathing or anything similar wouldn't be covered, due to a vehicle accident in 1971.

I'd like to say that Insurance companies are a very bad joke, but somehow they have managed to get it into legislation that they all have instant access to your private details now - regarding your car, health and everything. Who gave them that right, that power, and how can it possibly be that a section of commerce, that isn't connected with the law of the land, can gain access to all that information automatically?

My Dad says if you've done nothing wrong then you have nothing to fear. How wrong can one man be.

I think we all have an awful lot to fear from the people who have access to all of our information, and especially how much they abuse it on a daily basis.

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