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Back from the dead

Mr mini restored

It's fair to say, that when we were told about the MOT failure we could have given up and got rid of Mr mini, but where would the passion be in that? He'd been a brilliant little car for the first year, and helped my son to learn to drive, and been everything a 17-year-old could want, especially when it was the car he'd always loved. How could you do that, and just throw him on the scrapheap? It's fair to say that of any car, the mini is probably the one car in the world that you could repair from almost any state. As the joke goes, you could hold up a mini wheel nut and say 'I'm going to restore this mini' and you could build a complete mini just from off-the-shelf parts. And so the deal was done.


A year's work, a year's learning, a world of difference. When we were finished, Mr mini looked like a brand new car. His paintwork was fabulous, his bodywork as solid as a rock, his interior fresh and clean and beautiful. His wheels were repainted, he had new spats, new tyres, he had the look of a great little mini and one that anybody would be proud to own.

Owning Mr mini was a great experience, as it gave my son the chance to have his own first car, his own mini (which he'd always wanted), a taste of freedom and a head start when it came to learning about the basics of car ownership. It meant that he had the opportunity to really find out what makes a car tick, and how it all depends on everything else, and it gave him the rare opportunity bring a really lovely thing back from the grave, all on his own, and the chance to say 'I did all that'.

There are many people in this world that live by the mantra of disposability, and had he been the same, we could have lost a brilliant little car. As it was, Mr mini lives a new life, thanks to the perseverance of one young man.
I'm very proud of that.
It's what makes the difference between a car owner and an enthusiast.

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