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Woken up at 6am on Monday morning by a phone call from my wife saying she'd got to the farm to find 'unusual tyre tracks' on arrival. As soon as she came round the corner she could see that our Ifor Williams HB510 trailer had been stolen overnight, despite having a wheel lock on it.
We're really annoyed as you can imagine - having spent quite a bit on it by fitting a new aluminium floor, fitted rubber matting, new mudguards etc and then some absolute wotname decides they'll just take it!

I'm really mad about it. This is the second trailer we've had stolen, and I suppose I should at least be grateful that this one is insured, but that doesn't make it any easier to accept. I just hope they catch the people responsible and penalise them appropriately - and I don't mean just a slap on the wrist and a 'Don't do it again, sonny'.
If anyone sees an Ifor Williams HB510 being offered, and it sounds like ours, or has no serial number, please let me know.

Ifor Williams HB510 double trailer
Serial number SCK 400000T0203 975
Manufactured around 1997
Green in colour.
Head partition
Genuine Aluminium floor
Floor is covered with virtually new standard heavy duty ribbed Rubber flooring
All stainless steel bolts holding sides on.
New white trim fitted.
New mudguards - nearside has crack at rear where somebody has reversed into it.
Centre partition has one of the pieces of padding removed for refixing.

The Police initially didn't appear to want to be very helpful at all - despite my wife telling them there were tyre tracks all over and she could point out which ones were not the normal ones, but they said they couldn't send anyone out as they had nobody available - (I can only assume that Durham must be a veritable crime hotspot at 6am on a Monday morning!) They also said the tracks would have melted by the time they got there, although my wife pointed out that they patently had no idea how much snow there still was up at the stables and it wouldn't be gone for some time yet. Didn't make an iota of difference - infuriatingly they said they weren't coming.

She also asked about cctv footage but they said that would be down to whoever was assigned to the case. So it sounded like that was going nowhere.
However, just a few hours later a Policeman rang her up, having already sent a SOC officer out to have a look at the site (despite dreadful weather conditions) and they were very helpful indeed.
I've reported it to Ifor Williams so it's at least reported as stolen now - but I notice that the trailerwatch site is no longer in action - presumably they thought it wasn't worthwhile continuing. :-(



Latest News!

Our Horse Trailer has been found! Thanks entirely to a man who is from either Ifor Williams (the trailer people) or Identequip, who was at an Auction in Macclesfield, and saw a trailer he was suspicious of and checked out on his PDA, and saw it was ours!
What are the chances of that? Although the truth is it is known as a place where many a dodgy deal is done

We haven't got it back yet, as it's in a secure compound near Macclesfield. And all down to a brilliant system where Ifor Williams tell a particular company the serial numbers of the trailer that's been stolen, and this company has dudes going round auctions etc looking at what they think are 'suspicious' trailers etc. Excellent dude man was at the auction and thought 'Hello hello hello, what's going on here then?' and checked the number on his PDA and Voila!
Thank you so much Mr PDA checker man. I bet you were woop! woop! when you saw it was a stolen trailer.
The Police suspect the seller will say he bought it off a big boy who ran away, so they may not be able to charge him......

Of course, there was always going to be a sting in the tail, and who better to cause it than the Insurance company? Yes, true to form they've tried to wriggle out of much of their responsibility, even to the extent that they have refused to arrange it's return and we have to drive down to collect it from Cheshire. And we have to pay all the storage and recovery charges and then claim them back.

Insurance Companies? That's why they are in my Mr Angry pages.......

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