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Cheers Derek!

It's all very well having a load of things to complain about but sometimes you just have to put the whole thing into perspective by looking at the good things in life too.

For example, take my Landlord Derek. OK he's in his Eighties, and most youngsters nowadays would consider him an old fogey with no idea about the modern world.
But the reality is that he's completely at ease with his PC or laptop, does almost all his dealings via email, he's on Skype, absolutely loves speed (much to the chagrin of his wife, Peggy) and, like me, he's not averse to telling the toerags who put their feet on the seat of the bus or train just what he thinks of them. (Personally, I think it's a pity you can't just break their ankles. Let's not pussyfoot about, anyone with that little consideration for others deserves it). Bust 'em up, I say!

You're the man!

Derek's also completely up with the modern technology, and finds it really amazing when people that are half his age complain about not being able to understand texting, or emails, or any one of the huge panoply of modern technogeeky stuff without asking some young whippersnapper to help.
My God, what are they thinking? Get your act together, people!!

I think one of the best examples of where he's at is the fact that he climbed up onto his roof to check up on the builders that were doing a job up there, (which didn't endear him to the builders much) despite the knowledge that there are some faceless Eurocrats somewhere dictating that you're not allowed to climb on a roof without the appropriate harness, scaffolding, headgear, documentation, insurance and disclaimers. Or safety net.
Mind you, the builders did like the tea he brought up on a tray...


Not right. Not proper.

That's simply not the way of the Derek. He'll climb up where he shouldn't, go where he's not allowed, speak up where he's supposed to be quiet, ask the really difficult question that nobody else would. And he'll tell you when you're not behaving appropriately. Because, let's face it, half the population doesn't seem to know how to behave anyway.

Thank the Lord for people like Derek. If only there were a million more like him, asking, questioning, disputing, going against the authorities, telling people how they should behave, instead of making it cool to be bad, we really wouldn't be in the state that we are.......

Go Derek. You really are the man. I absolutely salute you. You're a bloody marvel.

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