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McDonalds Tamworth

McDonald's is a huge company that is rapidly expanding all the time and opening new Restaurants in virtually every City in the world almost on a daily basis.

Now Im not a stupid man, and so I know that each and every company has to promote its products as arguably the best in the marketplace, and of course the full marketing and advertising machine does its utmost to persuade the Great British Public to part with their cash in order to fill that hungry gap with any one of McDonald's many tasty items, displayed in pictures and posters to tempt your weary palettes.

I have always been a critic of the glorious technicolour, airbrushed images that pass for what you can reasonably expect when making a purchase from a fast food outlet (which, lets face it, is what McDonalds is), more so when the reality is often so far removed from the press photograph that it would appear to be a totally different product entirely.

I also realise that products need to be shown at their best, which is why clothing is always draped across beautiful models on catwalks, and that in itself sets an expectation in our minds.


The expectation

McDonalds Press Bun

So let us take a look at the Mayo Chicken that is advertised on McDonald's website. The picture above is something approaching the object I should expect to get when purchasing a Mayo Chicken from a McDonalds restaurant.

It looks tasty, well filled with a substantial chicken fillet, and with a healthy portion of salad to help you with your recommended 5-a-Day to keep you healthy.

The Reality

On Thursday August 30 2012, I fancied a Mayo Chicken.

The thing pictured below is exactly what I received. Because you don't really get the opportunity to check your purchase at the time of serving - the nature of a drive-in means you're often away before you realise what you've got, it is always a little while later you realise you certainly haven't got what you were expecting.

McDonalds Actual Bun

McDonald's - what are you thinking? You have the fast food drive-in market pretty much sown up. I know it's only a 99p meal, but then if you are going to offer this, don't pretend it's the item on your website. Show the real thing you sell, or provide the thing in the photograph, but stop treating us all with this contempt. You can be better than this.

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