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Sometimes, things happen that just make the normal man turn a bit purple with rage.

...and it's not surprising when you see the way normal people are treated by the ones that hold the power.

Civil Service Pensions
Banks and the way they abuse their power over our money
Credit card companies and the obscene interest charges
Insurance Companies and the way they always wriggle out of paying
..all things to make a bloke get very angry.

.....and that's not all. Then there are the Stupid People in this world who just don't understand that you are actually responsible for your own actions.
You know the ones, those that sue because they spilt their hot coffee on themselves; the idiots that walk in front of moving cars and then cry when they get hurt; the Plebs that get drunk and start a fight and then cry when the Police get them; the morons that somehow seem to hold a driving licence when the best they can manage is to crawl along at 25mph in a 60 limit.
Do I believe in euthanasia? You bet I do.

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