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Our love of cars (and bikes)

From the very early days of my first Ambassador 'Three Star Special' motorcycle, I've always loved vehicles. There's just something about the freedom, the practicality and especially the convenience that makes it simply the only choice for many people.

I'm sure the tree-huggers and the eco-mentalists in London have the best interests of our world at heart, but there is a limit to what some people propose.

Whilst I agree that we have to curb the desperately wasteful worldwide consumption of resources, that doesn't mean that every time somebody uses their car they are being an 'Enemy of the State'.

There seem to be so many people in positions of power nowadays that just seem to think that public transport can cope with all your needs. It cannot in far too many cases.

Why not just use the bus?

It's OK if you live in London, Manchester, Newcastle or any large Metropolis, but just try getting back to Allendale after a night out, or try to do your weekly shop on the bus - it's impossible. Imagine trying to do your DIY shopping at Wickes or furniture at Ikea and getting all that stuff back on the bus. You can't even get on a bus nowadays if you've got a drink. Too many damned rules and regulations.

You don't even have to live very far out to be stuck. My Dad lives in North-West Kent and is only 20 miles from the centre of London, yet his village only has one bus a day and getting anywhere without your own car is just about unmanageable - and he can't afford to use taxis all the time even if they were as convenient and safe and reliable as his own car.


Get off the bandwagon

There does seem to be a lot of people nowadays that appear to want to jump on the eco-bandwagon and just get rid of the car, saying it's terrible for the planet. It's a very easy target, and far too simplistic to just make such a sweeping statement like that and expect knowledgeable people to take it at face value. It's not just about cars polluting the planet, they're only a very small part of a much wider problem, and a lot of that is industrial..

It's like the idiots in positions of power that say things like 4x4s are 'Gas Guzzlers' and the most polluting vehicles on the planet so they should pay £1000 per year tax - I'm afraid that's generalistic and utter tosh. I could accept that if you only used a 4x4 all the time for all your journeys and did as many miles in it as a normal car user, but what about those of us that live in remote places and use them very occasionally every year, when it becomes absolutely necessary? We're lucky if we do 1500 miles a year in ours, so why should we pay £1000 per year car tax when we use it so rarely? We pay for the extra fuel consumption, and considering the cost of fuel is 85% tax, we're paying through the nose anyway.

Get a sense of proportion, for goodness sake.

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